What happens to the “base” taxes and the “increment” taxes?

Taxes levied on the base value are distributed by the county treasurer to the Levy Authority in the same manner as for regular (non-TIF) Tax Districts. Taxes levied on the increment value are paid to the TIF Authority.

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1. What is a TIF Area?
2. What is the difference between a TIF Area and a TIF Tax District?
3. How is a TIF Area created?
4. How do taxes in a TIF Area work?
5. What happens to the “base” taxes and the “increment” taxes?
6. Who is the “TIF Authority”?
7. The TIF Authority is the governmental body that created the TIF Area. Usually a city, it could also be a county, a community college, or rural improvement zone.
8. Do all of the taxes on the increment value go to pay TIF debt?
9. Are my taxes higher because my property is in a TIF Area?
10. What qualifies to be paid from taxes on increment value?