Qualifications - No Party and Non-Partisan

All NPPO and Non-Partisan Candidates (No Party or Independents) running for County offices will also have until August 31st to file.

Candidate Information

Where to File - County Offices

In the office of the Dubuque County Auditor, 4th floor of the Courthouse:

Kevin Dragotto
720 Central Ave.
Dubuque, Iowa 52001


OfficeCitizenshipResidenceAgeTermSignatures Needed
Hospital TrusteeYesResident of Dubuque County184 years50
Soil/ConservationYesResident of Dubuque County184 years25
Agricultural Ext.YesResident of Dubuque County184 years 25

When to File - County Offices

  • First Day - no start date is defined by law
  • Wednesday, August 31, 2022 - no later than 5 p.m.


 Campaign finance disclosure packets may be obtained from the Iowa Ethics and Campaign office in Des Moines or from their web site at www.iowa.gov/ethics. Once you or your committee, spends, receives contributions, or incurs indebtedness in excess of $1,000, you have 10 days in which to file an organizational statement with the Iowa Ethics and Campaign office in Des Moines. For information contact the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Office at 515-281-4028. Website: https://ethics.iowa.gov/

 Late filing of campaign financial reports can result in fines, so please contact the State Ethics Board with any questions you have to insure proper filing.


All published political material must include the identity and address of the person responsible for the material. This is referred to as a “disclaimer” and should read something like this:

 Paid for by Doe for School Board Committee, Jane Doe, Treasurer 4562 Dogwood St, Somewhere, Iowa

 Disclaimer (JPG)