Important Family Communication

For Families of Sunnycrest Residents

COVID19 Reporting

As of 1/28/2021 we have had no active staff or resident cases of Covid19 for over 2 weeks.

Respiratory Symptom Reporting  (as required by CMS)

We have no staff or residents with unexplained respiratory symptoms.

Covid Vaccination Information

Sunnycrest is partnering with Walgreen's Pharmacy for supply and administration of the vaccine. We have had two vaccination clinics and as of 1/28/21 99% of residents have received at least one dose and most have received two doses.

Sunnycrest Response and Changes in Operation During Covid 19 Pandemic

Acronyms:    CDC – Center for Disease Control (Federal)     IDPH – Iowa Department for Public Health (State) 


Meals are no longer being served in the main dining room. Residents who do not require supervision are eating in their room and are encouraged to either by the doorway or to be visible from the hall.  Residents requiring supervision or assistance with their meals eat in the common area of their village and are positioned to maintain a minimum of six feet between residents.   Residents and staff are provided the menus in advance to select resident’s choices for each meal.


Large group activities are no longer provided. Activities staff are present in each village through-out the day and provide one to one or small group activities while maintaining six feet between residents.  Some larger village activities, such as bingo, are accomplished by keeping residents by their rooms in the hallways and using a loudspeaker. Activities staff accompany residents outside when weather permits.

Resident Movement

Residents are encouraged to spend free time in their rooms. They are able to be out of their rooms but proper distance is maintained between them and their peers. Residents who are able to follow procedure (sanitizing, maintain social distance) are able to go outside without supervision, however only one resident is allowed outside at a time and residents must arrange this with their CNA staff. Residents leaving their village areas are encouraged to wear a mask.


Upon reporting to work, staff temperature is taken and they are asked to identify any symptoms they have. Staff ability to work and return to work are based upon CDC and IDPH guidelines.  Staff wear either procedural mask with goggles or cloth mask with face shield when in contact with residents and full personal protective equipment when caring for residents in isolation. Staff are consistently assigned to the same village when possible. Staff are tested for the COVID 19 virus under recommendations from the CDC and when directed by the IDPH.


Three isolation units have been established: Isolation 1, 2 & 3.  

  • Residents will enter Isolation 1 when they are newly admitted to Sunnycrest or when they have left the facility and returned after being gone for greater than 23 hours. They will remain in isolation for 14 days. Should the resident leave the facility or be re-hospitalized prior to the conclusion of the 14-day period, a new isolation period of 14 days will begin upon return. Basic personal belongings can be brought to the isolation area to maintain comfort and quality of life.
  • Residents enter Isolation 2 when they present with respiratory or concerning symptoms and are considered under investigation for the COVID 19 virus. It is likely that they will be tested for the COVID 19 virus. The length of stay in isolation 2 is dependent upon symptoms and results of testing. Basic personal belongings can be brought to the isolation area to maintain comfort and quality of life.

Isolation 1 and 2 are located on the North end of the 3rd floor.

  • The Isolation 3 area is for residents who have tested positive for the COVID 19 virus. Residents will remain in this unit until they meet the CDC & IDPH guidelines to discontinue isolation. Basic personal belongings can be brought to the isolation area to maintain comfort and quality of life. The staff who are assigned to work in the Covid isolation area are not scheduled to work elsewhere in the building.

Effective 8/10/20, the Iowa Department of Public Health has established that a period of quarantine is no longer needed following a planned medical appointment. Residents must wear a mask to the appointment and there are requirements for transportation staff. Upon return to the facility, the resident attending an appointment must wear a mask when out of their room. The Iowa Department of Public Health continues to recommend telehealth appointments and in person appointments should only occur when telehealth is not possible.

Effective 9/4/20 the Iowa Department of Public Health removed the requirement for a 14 day period of quarantine following an emergency room or acute care visit of less than 23 hours.


Per IDPH guidelines, visitation to the facility is restricted. Residents and their family and friends are encouraged to use audio and visual technology such as phone calls, FaceTime, Zoom, etc. to communicate. Activities assist in the use of visual technology. Outdoor visits can be arranged but must be scheduled in advance.  Visits through closed windows can occur but need to be scheduled in advance through activities or social services. Family may drop off items for residents at the front door. Residents are able to receive mail and packages through the mail.  Compassionate Care visits may occur in specific situations. Arrangements for these visits will made at the time of need and visitors will be required to adhere to facility requirements for use of personal protective equipment and any other requirements to minimize risk to residents, staff and the visitor.

Resident and Family communication

Sunnycrest Manor will continue to keep resident representatives notified of changes in resident’s health.

Residents and Resident representatives will be informed of changes in our normal operations through the Remind App, email, phone call, mail, or facility website. The timeline and the method for dissemination will be according to the level of urgency. Less urgent information will be posted on the facility website and resident representatives are encouraged to check the website periodically for changes.

Residents and Resident representatives will be informed when the facility has identified three staff and/or residents who present with new onset of respiratory symptoms within 72 hours of each other. This information will be shared on the facility website by 5 pm the next calendar day of occurrence.

Residents and Resident representatives will be informed when the facility has identified one or more staff and/or residents who have tested positive for the COVID 19 virus by 5 pm the next calendar day of occurrence.  This information will be shared via the Remind App. Resident representatives who do not have the Remind App will receive the information either by email or phone call. This information will also be available on the facility website.

For questions or additional information regarding this information, please contact:

  • Tammy Freiburger, Interim Administrator, Director of Nursing
  • Beth Vermeulen, Directors of Nursing
  • Anne Kauder, Nursing Facility Social Worker
  • Rachel Wall, Sunrise Social Worker