Inmate Mail

All mail can be sent to:

Dubuque County Jail

Inmate Name

Inmate ID #

PO BOX 2966

San Antonio, TX 78299-2966


  1. If you are sending mail to an inmate, please write your full name and address in the upper left corner of the envelope. Failure to do so will result in the inmate not receiving their mail until they are released from jail.
  2. All books and magazines must be sent directly from a publisher or bookstore to be allowed into the jail. Any books or magazines sent outside of these senders will be denied.
  3. No mail can be dropped off at Law Enforcement Center. It will be denied. All mail is scanned in and sent to the inmate via the tablets in the housing areas.
  4. Incoming and outgoing letters, to you and from you, may be opened and inspected for contraband, or other matters concerning security, safety and control.
  5. No mail will be given to inmates that smell of perfume or any other substances. Any violations of this, or contraband of any kind in a letter, will result in the denial of the letter.
  6. With the exception of legal mail, all in-coming and out-going mail is read by jail staff for the safety and security of the inmates and staff.