School Board

Dubuque Community School District Board

Board MembersEmailElectedTerm Ends
Nancy BradleyEmail Nancy Bradley
Tom BartonEmail Tom Bartonappointed12/2023
Kate ParksEmail Kate Parks11/201912/2023
Jim ProchaskaEmail Jim Prochaska9/201712/2021
Tami RyanEmail Tami Ryan11/201912/2023
Anderson SainciEmail Anderson Sainci9/201712/2021
Lisa A. WittmanEmail Lisa A. Wittman11/201912/2023

Board Secretary

Carrie Mauss
2300 Chaney Road
Dubuque, IA 52001
Phone: 563-552-3000, Fax: 563-552-3026
Email Carrie Mauss
Dubuque School Board Website

Western Dubuque Community School District

Board MemberDistrictEmailElectedTerm Dates
Nancy Z. FettDistrict 4Email Nancy Fett11/2019
Jessica PapeDistrict 2Email Jessica Pape11/2019
Mike ReaDistrict 3Email Mike Rea9/2017
Mark TilsonDistrict 1Email Mark Tilson9/2017
Chad VaskeDistrict 5Email Chad Vaske11/2019

Board Secretary

Mark Frasher
310 4th Street SW
Farley, IA
Phone: 563-744-3885
Email Mark Frasher
West Dubuque School Board Website

Northeast Iowa Community College Board of Trustees

Board MembersDistrictTerm Dates
Sue Runyon
District 19/2017 through 10/2021
Kathy L. GundersonDistrict 29/2017 through 10/2021
Jim AndersonDistrict 311/2019 through 12/2023
Gene L. FuellingDistrict 49/2017 through 10/2021
Kenneth ReimerDistrict 511/2019 through 12/2023
David N. SchuellerDistrict 69/2017 through 10/2021
Daniel WhiteDistrict 711/2019 through 12/2023
Larry BlatzDistrict 811/2019 through 12/2023
Robert ShaferDistrict 99/2017 through 10/2021

Board Secretary

Julia Sollien
P.O. Box 400
Calmar, IA
Phone: 800-728-2256
Email Julia Sollien
NICC Board of Trustees Website