Sunnycrest Manor Auxiliary

Sunnycrest Manor AuxiliaryOrganization Mission

The Sunnycrest Manor Auxiliary is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to generate resources to enhance the quality of life for residents at Dubuque’s Sunnycrest Manor. While Sunnycrest Manor has a long history with volunteers working in various capacities, the Auxiliary was formally organized as a charitable organization in August 2013 and received tax-exempt status as a public charity in July 2014. As a public charity, the Sunnycrest Auxiliary now plays an increasing role in fund-raising for life enrichment activities and securing grants for special larger projects that enhance resident’s life.


The Auxiliary operates under the leadership of a seven-member Auxiliary Board including two who are also members of the Dubuque County Hospital Board of Trustees. The Auxiliary Board works closely with the Sunnycrest administrators and department heads to provide the “extras” which enhance the quality of life for residents.

Ways You Can Help

These are ways you can help grow our mission and provide services to those most in need in the Dubuque community.

Join the AuxiliaryAuxiliary Club Winter Fundraising Event

We need more members to be able to grow our mission of generating resources to enhance the quality of life for our residents. Active members support the work of the Auxiliary by paying $10 dues and in helping with activities they choose on the form. Inactive Members support our mission by simply filling out this form and paying the $10 dues is a way to raise funds for the residents! You can also include more than $10 in your donation if you wish! Fill out an application to join (PDF).


Your tax-deductible donation will be used toward resident events and special needs. 

Checks can be made to Sunnycrest Manor Auxiliary and sent to:
Sunnycrest Manor
2375 Roosevelt Street
Dubuque, IA 52001

Please leave a note as to how you would like the donation spent.  Funds can be used for special resident events, products, and services to enhance the residents’ lives. If you would like your donation used for something specific, please let us know. Receipts are available upon request.

3/25/2021 Update: The Auxiliary is now accepting online donations!  Click on the Donate button to proceed.

Spread the Word

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For Additional information on current projects, please email Auxiliary President Michael J. Muir or call 563-564-6678.