Home & Household Occupation / Home Based Business

Home Occupations (HO) and Household Occupations (HHO) are allowed in any zoning district. Home-Based Businesses (HBB) are only allowed in A-1 Agricultural, A-2 Agricultural Residential, R-1 Rural Residential and R-2 Single Family Residential districts.

Application & Materials to Submit

You will need to fill out the application answering all of the questions and signing the form. You will also need to submit a site plan showing which building you will be operating the business out of and where the parking will be on the property. Also, if you are only using part of a building, we will need a site plan showing how the business will be set up inside the building. Staff will review the application and determine which type of business the application qualifies for. If anything changes, you will need to reapply with a new application.

Application Fee: $100